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Your hate for the wealthy really annoys me.


how much you got in your bribery budget because I would be willing to keep silent

Just so everyone knows, after running this blog for almost a year I realized in June that I’ve been misspelling decaffeinated for as long as I’ve been using it as a username.

Of course, it was all on purpose, for aesthetic reasons and such. Obviously.

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Just looked at your "Morning Glow" Arrangement! It looks incredible, and I hope to use it for a performance! Thank you!!

Glad I could be of a little bit of help!


Rowling finished writing Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows in January 2007. Before its release, Bloomsbury reportedly spent GB£10 million to keep the book’s contents safe before its release date. American publisher Arthur Levine refused any copies of the novel to be released in advance for press review, although two reviews were submitted early. Shortly before release, photos of all 759 pages of the U.S. edition were leaked and transcribed, leading Scholastic to look for the source that had leaked it.

Released globally in 93 countries, Deathly Hallows broke sales records as the fastest-selling book ever, a record it still holds today. It sold 15 million copies in the first 24 hours following its release, including more than 11 million in the U.S. and UK alone. The previous record, 9 million in its first day, had been held by Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. The novel has also been translated into over 120 languages, including Ukrainian, Swedish, and Hindi.

so while browsing rottentomatoes I read about this show called Almost Royal and it’s hilarious and y’all need to watch it right now


I will adore If/Then until my dying breath but please for the love of god stop advertising it as Idina The Musical.

Well, why shouldn’t they? It’s not a bad show, but Idina’s pretty much the only reason I’d recommend it to anyone.

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I was mucking around with Audacity, listening to songs in reverse. For the fun of it, I put on everyone’s favorite song, Blurred Lines. And shockingly, I heard something I had never expected to hear. Robin Thicke was fooling us this whole time. He wasn’t trying to be misogynistic, he wanted us to listen closer to the song and understand that he in fact does believe his lady partner needs to be treated with the utmost respect.

You might find it VERY hard to believe, but I implore you to listen very closely (with headphones if you can, because it can be hard to hear). The message I’m talking about comes in around the 30 second mark.